An exciting discovery!

I have been in touch with Tony Summerfield of the Enid Blyton Society today regarding a mystery typescript entitled Mr Tumpy’s Caravan.  The typescript was purchased as part of a lot of short stories, and is a complete story running to some 177 pages.  We initially wondered if it was unpublished, as we were only aware of the Mr Tumpy strip books and this typescript did not resemble any of them.

However, Tony pointed out that Enid also published a picture story book called Mr Tumpy and His Caravan.  Surely, what we had must be the typescript for that?  This seemed a reasonable conjecture, given the similarity in title, and we set about sourcing a copy of the book in order to confirm this.  But Tony was still keen to see the typescript, so this morning I sent him scans of the contents page and the first page of chapter one.

To my surprise, and great delight, he replied very swiftly to say that our reasonable conjecture was, in fact, wrong.  We do indeed appear to have a typescript for a complete, unpublished Mr Tumpy story book!  This is an incredibly exciting discovery which I couldn’t possibly keep to myself.  In the coming weeks we will hopefully be able to share more details about this unpublished story – I still haven’t had a chance to read more than the first few pages!  But I am very much looking forward to the task, and to sharing any further exciting discoveries.

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4 Responses to An exciting discovery!

  1. Bingo says:

    Wow! an unpublished work!!! It is all very thrilling to read your updates on the “EB Treasure” from the auction. I hope we died hard fans of Enid Blyton may get a chance to read her unpublished work, it would certainly be a first-class thing of the 21st century! Please make it accessible for us overseas fans too, please!!! Eager to hear more!

    Much appreciated,
    Fan from Malaysia

  2. Anita Bensoussane says:

    That’s very interesting indeed. Goodness me – a “Mr. Tumpy” novel! Thanks so much for sharing your news with us – this blog makes for fascinating reading and I shall be looking in regularly.

  3. Bingo, we will do our very best to make this unpublished typescript, and all the others, available to everyone over the internet. We cannot reproduce any of the drafts without first clearing copyright permissions, but we are working on that at the moment and hopefully will be successful in securing the necessary permissions. Then every page of the typescripts will have to be digitised, which will take some time as we do have to take great care of the material as we digitise. But we know how much interest there is in this material, so we will do our very best to make it as widely available as possible, as quickly as possible!

  4. Bingo says:

    Thank you very much Hannah!!!

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