Calling all Noddy fans, again!

Following on from my last post, another plea for help from any knowledgable Noddy fans.  As I’ve previously mentioned, in amongst our Noddy typescripts are scripts for four records featuring Noddy stories and songs.  These records were apparently recorded for the H.M.V. label, then part of E.M.I. Records, and the script for each record features two stories, to be read by Blyton, with accompanying songs.

Each typescript is contained within a brown paper file, with a typed label pasted to the front cover.  The label identifies the record label, H.M.V.; the title of the series of records, Noddy Stories and Songs; the record number; and the title of the stories to appear on each record.  Record 1 features the stories ‘Noddy’s Car Race’ and ‘Noddy and the Noah’s Ark Animals’; record 2 features ‘Noddy and the Saucepan Man’ and ‘At the Goblin Market’; record 3 features ‘Noddy and the Clowns’ and ‘Noddy’s Washing Day’; and record 4 features ‘Rocking-Horse Town and Humming-Top Village’ and ‘Bouncing-Ball Town and Teddy-Bear Town’.

I have established that record 1 was released by E.M.I. Records in 1959, under the title Noddy’s Car, and record 4 was released in the same year under the title Noddy and His Travels.  However, I have been unable to track down any evidence to suggest records 2 or 3 were ever recorded or released.  I have been in touch with E.M.I.’s archive to see if they have any information on these records, but so far without success.  If anyone can remember owning any records of Enid Blyton reading Noddy stories, or knows anything more about this series of records, we would love to know more about them!

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