Noddy on television

My first day back at work after the Christmas holiday, and I’ve spent the afternoon watching episodes of Noddy.  It is work, honestly!  We acquired a large number of Noddy videos as part of the collection, and in order to catalogue them I have to identify them. 

Some were commercially produced for sale, and are therefore very easy to identify from the packaging, but some are production copies supplied to Enid’s family by the television companies.  These have vague or slightly confusing labels, for example the typed label ‘Noddy Ep-116’ is all that identifies one of the tapes, with no dates or any other information on the label.  Given that there have been several television adaptations of Noddy, such labelling isn’t terribly helpful.

So I have been watching the tapes with unclear labelling, in order to correctly identify which adaptation they relate to.  I was somewhat taken aback by ‘Noddy Ep-116’.  It is an episode of an American programme (series 1, episode 16 to be precise, which explains the number 116), set in the ‘Noddy Shop’ and produced in 1998.  The programme mixes live action of real children and the toys in the shop, with episodes from the British Cosgrove Hall animated series, ‘Noddy in Toyland’.  Although all of the characters have been dubbed with American accents and appropriate dialogue, which some Noddy fans may have a few reservations about. 

I have enjoyed my afternoon’s viewing, slightly bizarre though it is, and I look forward to discovering what other surprises may lurk on our mysteriously labelled videos!

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