Digitising Blyton – the story continues…

Once we’ve made our selection of material for digitisation, every chosen item is reproduced as a high-resolution tiff file.  These large, high quality images serve as digital master files, stored off-line and only accessible to authorised members of staff.  Creating digital images from archive material can be quite damaging to the material, because of the high levels of light exposure involved in scanning.  We want to avoid having to re-digitise items and risk further damage, so we archive these digital master files, complying with procedures for management and storage which will ensure the integrity of these digital master files for as long as possible. 

From the archive master files, we create smaller, lower resolution jpegs to go on the internet.  Every image we use online is watermarked with a clear attribution and copyright statement, to ensure that online users clearly understand that the images are protected by copyright and cannot be re-used without permission.  Once images have been watermarked and quality checked, they can then be uploaded to the internet for public access. 

We hope to start making some Enid Blyton images available on our website within the next couple of weeks, and more will gradually become available as the digitisation process gets into full swing.  So watch this space for further updates!

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