The Enid Blyton Collection’s public debut!

Reading The Circus of Adventure typescript

Last Friday, members of the public had their first opportunity to see the Enid Blyton Collection, as part of a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour of Seven Stories.  It was a great moment for us, to see people having a genuinely ‘hands-on’ experience of the typescripts, artwork and books, and to be on hand to answer any questions they had.  There was lots of discussion about Enid Blyton’s working methods, as well as plenty of opportunity to share childhood memories of reading Blyton.  All in all, it was a resounding success!   We will be running more of these behind the scenes tours, with hands-on access to the Blyton archive in the coming months.  The next one is scheduled for 10th March – check out our website to find out more. 

Enid Blyton's autobiography prompted some interesting discussions!


This morning, our assistant curator also installed a display of material from the Enid Blyton Collection in the Storylab at Seven Stories.  So it’s all go for a Blyton Bonanza of a half-term!  And for those of you who might be thinking “This is all very well, but it’s a little far for me to just pop in and take a look”, the digitisation of material from the collection is progressing well, and we should have some images online very soon.  And blog readers will be the first to know when they become available to the public!

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4 Responses to The Enid Blyton Collection’s public debut!

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  2. Val Moss says:

    I have a copy of ‘Mr Tumpy and his Caravan’ by Enid Blyton published in 1968 by Treasure Hour Children’s Books. It is a picture book for colouring with the story printed underneath the pictures. So the new story is not so original after all.

    • Hi Val, Thanks for your comment – there is a little confusion about the titles here, as I’ve just explained in reply to another very similar comment to yours. Enid did publish a picture strip book called ‘Mr Tumpy and His Caravan’ in 1949, which is the book you have a copy of (yours being a later reprint of the original 1949 edition). However, that book is very different (despite the confusing similarities in name!) to the novel typescript we have entitled ‘Mr Tumpy’s Caravan’. We had assumed, when we first got the collection, that what we had was an early draft of the published picture strip book, but on further investigation we established that ‘Mr Tumpy’s Caravan’ is a completely different work, in both format and content, from the published ‘Mr Tumpy and His Caravan’. It’s just the similarity of titles which makes it so confusing! But Enid Blyton often used very similar, sometimes identical titles, for completely different stories and books, so that reuse of the name is perhaps not surprising.

  3. Val Moss says:

    Thanks Hannah for your response. Enid Blyton obviously used the theme of a caravan having feet instead of wheels as a way of developing a later different tale. Your explanation is much appreciated.

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