Collection catalogue now online

I am very pleased to announce that the Enid Blyton Collection catalogue is now live online, and available to search.  The catalogue can be accessed via our website and you can either do a free text search using her name, or the title of a particular book, or you can search using the collection reference EB.

All of our other collection catalogues are also available to search here as well, so do take some time to find out what other exciting treasures we’ve got in the archive!  And if anything takes your fancy, you can make an appointment to view material from the archive by emailing 

Please do be aware that the archive is not located at the Seven Stories visitor centre, but is in offsite storage, and that access is by appointment only.

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One Response to Collection catalogue now online

  1. Congratulations on getting the catalogue up and online – it looks great! I just did a quick search on Enid Blyton and the variety of results is great – sounds like a really interesting collection. It’s funny, the first result brought up the name David Wood, which I thought I recognised – then realised of course I did as my last job was catalgouing the Lindsay Anderson Archive and David Wood starred in Anderson’s 1968 film If…. – it’s a small world!

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